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Meeting Owl 3 - 360° Meeting Camera | Distributor

The Meeting Owl 3 is a top-of-the-line 360-degree video conference camera that has everything you need for a successful meeting. It creates an immersive hybrid meeting experience by combining a 360° conference camera, a microphone, and a speaker that gets better over time. Simply pair it with your preferred video conferencing platform and take your meetings to the next level.

What’s in the box
  • Meeting Owl 3
  • Power Supply
  • AC/DC Cables
  • 6.5 ft (2m) USB-C cable
  • Quick-start guide for easy setup
  • Table card in English and French with Owl card holder
Important Notice:
  • The Meeting Owl 3 Expansion Microphone is an OPTIONAL Extra For Expansion in Larger Rooms (Meeting Owl 3 has eight internal beam-forming Microphones Built-In standard 
  • Two x Meeting Owl 3 can be paired wirelessly for larger rooms, and 2 x additional mics can be added (1 per Meeting Owl 3)
  • Meeting Owl Bar can be paired with a single Meeting Owl 3 wirelessly for a front-of-room video bar and a 360° all in one multi-cam solution.
  • Meeting Owl Bar can work as a standalone front-facing video bar and does not require the Meeting Owl 3
  • Dynamiccom is an Authorized importer of the Meeting Owl 3. For all units bought from an unauthorized parallel importer/reseller/retailer, the device will not be covered locally by the 2-year standard swap-out warranty. 
Meeting Owl 3
Meeting Owl 3
Meeting Owl 3
Meeting Owl 3
Product Details
Specifications and FAQs
Meeting Owl 3
  • Does the owl 3 have an onboard computer with MS Tams & Zoom?
    No, the Meeting Owl 3 connects to any computer via a USB C connection with the cable supplied
  • How do we project the video playback onto the screen from a laptop?
    connect the owl 3 to you laptop via usb and hdmi from laptop to screen
  • Does the meeting Owl 3 have HD 1080p or 4K Ultra HD?
    1080p HD
  • Does the meeting owl 3 camera automatically check and follow the active speaker and zoom in?
    Yes, autotrack and auto zoom
  • Can the meeting owl 3 handle expanded microphones?
    Yes, 1 expanded microphone per single meeting owl 3
  • Can one here to meeting Owl 3 together as one large system?
    Yes, pair 2 meeting owl 3 together wirelessly
  • Can the meeting owl 3 work with a video bar to create a 360 and video bar conferencing experience?
    Yes, first to market vidoe bar and 360 via the Owl Bar & Meeting Owl 3 paired wirelessly together
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