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Hikvision DS-D5CRB/A Interactive Whiteboard Display (no camera)

Upgrade your workspace with the feature-packed Hikvision DS-D5CRB/A 4K interactive flat panels from Dynamiccom. This well-designed active LED display offers a 4K resolution and a smooth writing experience. 

Key Features: 
●UHD 4K Display: With a resolution of 3840×2160, the DS-D5CRB/A ensures stunning clarity for your presentations, collaborative sessions, and educational content. 
●Quick Response and Touch Control: Enjoy at most 45-points touch control for seamless interaction. Whether you’re annotating, navigating, or collaborating, the response is swift and precise. 
●Built-in Network Switch Chip: Say goodbye to additional network switches. The DS-D5CRB/A streamlines connectivity, saving costs and simplifying installation. 
●All-in-One Design: Encased in tempered glass, this display combines elegance with practicality. Intelligent temperature control ensures an environment-friendly operation, while blue light protection enhances user comfort. 
●Dual Systems (Android and Windows): Choose your preferred operating system. Whether you’re running productivity apps or hosting video conferences, the DS-D5CRB/A adapts effortlessly. 
●Anti-Glare and Anti-Blocking: The display’s thoughtful design minimizes glare and ensures smooth interaction, even in well-lit environments. 

Experience the future of interactive displays with the Hikvision DS-D5CRB/A from Dynamiccom. Elevate your communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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Free Collection available.

Delivery of this item in Dubai is free of charge. However, for delivery in any of the other United Emirates or internationally, please request a quote from [email protected]
AED4,545.00 - AED7,943.00
Hikvision DS-D5 Interactive LED Displays
Hikvision DS-D5 Interactive LED Displays
Hikvision DS-D5 Interactive LED Displays
Hikvision DS-D5 Interactive LED Displays
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